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IObit Uninstaller Pro is a very useful tool for completely uninstalling software. This software is provided by IObit for Windows operating system users. Using the default Windows Add or Remove utility to uninstall programs is not a good solution because Windows does not completely clean the program’s traces and registry from other Windows locations, which in the long run increases the amount of useless data. On the operating system. Redundant data also reduces the efficiency and efficiency of Windows. With this program you can completely delete programs. You can also remove unnecessary browser plugins. Some programs do not have an uninstaller, it is also possible to remove these programs.

IObit Uninstaller provides a Point Resistor before installing any program so that changes can be reversed if there is a problem with the system. One of the important advantages of this program is the possibility of removing batches of programs. Instead of deleting individual programs, you check them all and delete them together. Another positive feature of this tool is the minimal display of program removal windows. For example, when selecting multiple applications. For some of them, no windows are displayed and are silently deleted, some of them open with only one next or confirmation of deletion. This will cause you little trouble when deleting applications.

Features and Features of IObit Uninstaller:

  • Nice and simple interface
  • Completely delete existing apps and traces
  • Ability to delete groups of programs
  • Ability to remove unwanted browser toolbars or extensions and plugins
  • High speed in clearing
  • Prepare Point Resistor before uninstall operation
  • Ability to remove uninstaller programs


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