ScreenHunter Pro


ScreenHunter Pro is a software professional and incredibly functional. It is for the Windows operating system, which is for taking pictures, recording and recording from the Windows screen. This incredibly powerful and powerful software lets you take pictures of your Windows screen environment. You can take your favorite photos in the shortest possible time and get them in the highest quality and resolution. You can take pictures of your windows software, web pages and windows screens. It is worth noting that this software, in addition to taking a screen shot of the Windows screen, can also be used for video recording and audio recording. There is also a photo editing feature where you can edit photos taken from your screen and add text, copyright and more.

Features and Features of ScreenHunter Pro:

  • Ability to capture web pages, windows and screens
  • Simple and high quality photography
  • Ability to edit photos and add text and copyright to the photo
  • Ability to shoot from screen
  • Ability to record audio with video recording
  • Movie production and output in MP4 format


Required system 

Windows 7, 8, 10


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